I am sitting at Louis Armstrong International Airport waiting for my flight to Houston from where I’ll proceed to Asheville, North Carolina. My flights are with Continental, while it is still in the SkyTeam alliance and I can credit miles towards Aeroflot Bonus.

Taxi to/from the city to the airport is $33 (plus tips). If 3 or more people are going, then they’ll pay $14 each. Check-in for economy class passengers is only through self-service check-in kiosks. So, I could have done it all online last night except for printing out boarding passes. The procedure is simple. You also have to use your credit card to pay for any checked luggage ($5 for 1st bag). You can also choose whether you’d like to volunteer in case the flight is overbooked. Actually, the text says that the flight is overbooked. I volunteered. You can get a $200 travel certificate. On second thoughts, I realised I din’t need it and wouldn’t have time or opportunity to use it. So, we’ll see.

Then the assistant will attach a baggage tag to your checked bags and you are free to go through the security check. Unlike in Russia here you take off your shoes and proceed barefoot or in socks. There are no plastic covers for the feet. Well, at least in this respect Russia seems a more civilised and hygienic country!

So, here I am, exactly 2 hours before take off. Wi-fi is free but feels very slow and disgustingly unstable.

MSY 2009
Continental Airlines at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport — Photo: Andrey Kirillov

Our plane has just arrived to the gate from somewhere (maybe Houston). In the hour remaining until boarding, they’ll get it ready for us.

See ya’ll in North Carolina!

PS: The plane in the picture above is another Continental plane that left while I was waiting for my flight.

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