MSY-ATL-AVL 2009. Continental Hasn’t Arrived

11.08.2009 | MSY-ATL | DL889 | CRJ-900 | 12:10-14:40

11.08.2009 | ATL-AVL | DL5179 | CRJ-200 | 15:30-16:30

It’s 12:50pm CST and I am on board of CRJ900 Delta Connection operated by Pinnacle Airlines headed to Atlanta.

MSY 2009
On board Delta Connection CRJ-900 at Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl. Airport before taking off to Atlanta, August 2009 — Photo: Andrey Kirillov

Yes, Continental is fucked up! Their Houston — New Orleans flight was delayed: apparently the plane that took off from Houston had to go back shortly afterwards due to «some maintenance problems». As I had only an hour to connect in Houston, I had to be rebooked. Fortunately they found a seat on Delta flights via Atlanta (it’s not easy to get to Asheville through Houston, I guess there’s only one flight).

This is pretty shitty. First of all, I wanted to fly Continental as I’ve never flown them before and, as I said earlier, before they leave SkyTeam. I also wanted to add a new airport (Houston) to my flight history. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems on the way back.

But the major thing is that in most probability the number of miles on MSY-ATL-AVL is less than on MSY-IAH-AVL. This is the matter I am going to complain about when I settle down in Asheville.

Since wi-fi is not free in Atlanta airport (shitty, compared to free wi-fi in New Orleans and Asheville), this will be published later.

Atlanta — Asheville flight on CRJ200 (Delta Connection operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines) was short – just some 40 minutes in the air. Because of that they didn’t even serve drinks. So, not only did I get fewer miles, but I also got fewer drinks & snacks. Well, one more reason to complain heavily to Continental.

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