Much of what we convert goes hand in hand with molded parts. What if you need something that is custom designed and produced? We can help.


Although Viadon does not produce molded parts in-house, we will design your parts for your specific needs, working in close consultation with you every step of the way. Our engineering capabilities derive from 3D CAD software allowing us to design parts to your needs and subsequently get them produced in the desired quantities. We partner with both American and overseas molders who can produce elastomer (rubber-like materials such as Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene and others) parts with the compression molding process, or plastic parts from injection molding.

While Viadon primarily provides design engineering services for those looking to mask parts during metal finishing processes, we have designed parts for aerospace, automotive, food processing, retail outlets and other industries as well. Learn more about the various options we offer for these types of parts below.


Single cavity tool / 3D printing for prototypes

There are several methods to get prototypes quickly to test an idea. Options include:

  • Single cavity tool prototypes – USA made: Identical to what USA production would be in fit, form & feel. Higher upfront costs, somewhat shorter lead time.
  • Single cavity tool prototypes – overseas made: Identical to what overseas production would be in fit, form & feel. Lower upfront costs, somewhat longer lead time.
  • 3D printed parts from flexible plastic. Parts are not rubber, and not suitable for most in-process testing. Ideal for testing fit and to physically hold/touch a part. Short lead time.

Multiple cavity tool for prototypes

Initial cost higher and lead time typically longer than a single cavity, but overall saves time & money. Benefit to you is lower overall cost / faster total design-through-production lead times.


Multiple cavity tool – USA made

Shorter lead times, with tool and parts made in America. Wide range of available quantities.

Multiple cavity tool – overseas made

Lower overall costs but longer lead times. Tool and parts made overseas. Wide range of available quantities.

Then the question comes down to this: What’s right for you?

We will work with you to understand what it is you want produced, provide you with a design for approval, and then can have either single cavity and/or multiple cavity tooling quoted so you can choose the most cost-effective option for your project/needs when you initiate production with us.

Give us a call about your requirements at 866-534-3900. We will help you balance timing and overall costs for custom molded rubber parts to best fit your needs.