We convert and stock dozens of standard tape disks, but when you need higher quantities of a customized shape, size or even kit of multiple die cuts, rotary die cutting is what gets the job done.


A natural extension of slitting single-sided adhesive tapes is die cutting the same material into various shapes, either from tape on an existing liner (such as aluminum, lead or green polyester tapes) or by applying such tapes to an appropriate release liner.

These lined rolls of tape material can then be fed at high speeds through a rotary die cutting tool (above the tape) and anvil (below the liner) to subsequently die cut these tapes above the liner and usually remove the waste material. It is fast, precise, and allows for innumerable shapes and sizes to be created in large quantities.

The lathe-style slitters Viadon utilizes offer digital precision when aligning the carriage and blade to make a cut. This is in contrast to many converters with manual slitters that only have a ruler, forcing the operator to "eyeball" slitting accuracy.

With not one but two Mark Andy die cutting machines, we have the ability to die cut tape up to 10" wide. Viadon has hundreds of tools in stock to cut standard circles, squares and rectangles from 1/8" up to 10", but we can also have custom shapes made on tools to cut the shape your require. Viadon has often had tools made that produce "kits" that include multiple shapes together, that repeats on the roll.

When a master roll of this has been completely die cut, Viadon has a rewind table to convert that large roll of material into smaller, more manageable lengths and quantities. With a pulse-count system, accurate quantities per roll are provided.

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