While Viadon slits tape to 1" and 2" widths routinely, our ability to slit custom tape rolls for your specific needs at no extra cost is what sets us apart.


As a custom converter of primarily single-sided adhesive tapes as well as selected double-sided tapes, Viadon slits stock and custom imperial and metric widths from tape manufacturer produced log rolls of material. These 21" to 60" wide tape logs are placed on a mandrel, locked with automatic jaws and/or internal air pressure, and after programming, a steel blade makes precise cuts to create the exact width of material you require.

Our Italian-built and digitally-controlled Cevennini tape slitters are equipped to handle tape rolls up to 12" in diameter. Importantly, the solid iron and steel carriages mean that denser and more difficult to cut tapes can be handled with ease by our equipment. While some converters cut easier-slit paper or foam type tapes on lighter-weight machines, Viadon can slit those and also denser polyesters, polyimides and foil tapes – including aluminum, lead, stainless steel, and copper.

The lathe-style slitters Viadon utilizes offer digital precision when aligning the carriage and blade to make a cut. This is in contrast to many converters with manual slitters that only have a ruler, forcing the operator to "eyeball" slitting accuracy.

Our ability to create multiple widths within the same job set up means faster slitting for shorter lead times when various options from the same material are required. Changing out log rolls for other materials is incredibly fast; removal of slit tape is accomplished in seconds, and the next job can be set up and executed with remarkable speed. Even if a blade needs to be changed for a different material, typical changeover is 5 minutes.

All of this can be done for tape widths that typically range 0.125" to 60" and everywhere in between. Need a narrower width? Ask us! Some tapes may be slit as narrow as 0.062" wide, though due to the difficulty in slitting at these dimensions, a nominal upcharge for unusable material may apply.

In summary: Viadon has two digital slitters that can handle your stock and custom slit tape requirements quickly and with precise tape roll width results.

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